Annual JLCB Report

Every year, on or before March 1, the Louisiana Public Defender Board is required to produce an report to the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget, as required by the Louisiana Public Defender Act. (La. R.S. 15:147(B)(11)

This report outlines the expenditures of local, state and federal funds for the previous calendar year.

The JLCB reports can be found at the links below:

2018 JLCB Report

2017 JLCB Report

2016 JLCB Report

2015 JLCB Report

2014 JLCB Report

2013 JLCB Report

2012 JLCB Report

2011 JLCB Report

2010 JLCB Report

2009 JLCB Report

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