Regional Capital Conflict Panels

The Louisiana Public Defender Board funds three capital conflict panels that handle capital cases when district public defender offices are ethically barred from representing the defendants or lack the capacity or personnel to handle these cases. These panels are:

Baton Rouge Capital Conflict Office

The Baton Rouge Capital Conflict Office (BRCCO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit law firm that provides trial level defense services to indigents charged of capital offenses in Louisiana state courts. The office was organized in December 2001 and began accepting appointments in March 2002. For each appointment, the office provides two attorneys certified to represent capital defendants and two investigators for fact and mitigation investigation. The mission of the office is to provide quality capital representation to indigents in state court. The office complies with the ABA standards of capital representation to investigate the case, obtain expert assistance, evaluate the case, raise all claims that should be litigated and provide the best defense presentation to a jury.

The staff includes five attorneys, four investigators and an office manager. All employees are full time employees working out of the BRCCO office in Baton Rouge.

BRCCO accepts appointments in cases with a conflict of interest on the part of the local public defender. That usually involves multiple defendant cases, but also covers other situations from prior representation of a witness to prior representation of the victim. The office also takes cases in districts where there are no available attorneys certified to represent capital defendants. BRCCO has represented clients in all corners of the state from Oak Grove to Shreveport to Ville Platte to Edgard to New Orleans. BRCCO is solely funded by the Louisiana Public Defender Board.

Contact information:

Baton Rouge Capital Conflict Office
Director: Kyla Romanach
525 Florida Street, Suite 310
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
(225) 338-0235 (office)
(225) 338-1948 (fax)

Capital Defense Project of Southeast Louisiana

The Capital Defense Project of Southeast Louisiana is a non-profit 501(c)(3) law office funded by the Louisiana Public Defender Board to provide trial level representation for indigents accused of capital offenses.

The Capital Defense Project represents clients throughout Louisiana from its office in New Orleans. Originally formed in 2002 to handle capital conflict cases, the Capital Defense Project expanded its duties after Hurricane Katrina to answer the increased need for non-conflict representation in capital cases. The Capital Defense Project now maintains a standing caseload of twenty-five cases.

The Capital Defense Project is committed to provide high quality legal representation for its clients. Investigators, mitigation specialists, and administrative personnel support 11 attorneys at the Project. Staff is regularly trained in the latest developments of law, jury selection techniques, forensic sciences, the use of expert witnesses, and other pertinent areas.

The Capital Defense Project is also committed to improving the quality of capital defense in Louisiana. Through training sessions and consultation, the Capital Defense Project staff shares its knowledge and experience with other capital defenders. Through recruitment, the Capital Defense Project is developing a new corps of well-trained capital defenders.

Contact information:

Capital Defense Project of Southeast Louisiana
Director: Kerry P. Kuccia
3801 Canal St., Suite 400
New Orleans, LA 70119
(504) 595-8965 (office)
(504) 558-0797 (fax)

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