Capital Post Conviction Project Of Louisiana

The Capital Post-Conviction Project of Louisiana office opened in March 2001, after the state legislature inaugurated funding for a statutory right to post-conviction counsel for death row inmates, pursuant to La.R.S. art. 15:149 (1999).

CPCPL provides high-quality direct representation to death-sentenced Louisiana clients in post-conviction and assists pro bono law firms representing capital post-conviction clients. CPCPL represents clients statewide, in any judicial district in which capital trials have occurred. All capital state post-conviction litigation is funded exclusively through an LPDB 501(c)(3) contract.

CPCPL staff includes 6 attorneys, 2 paralegals, an investigator, an administrative assistant, and an office manager. All CPCPL attorneys have full caseloads. CPCPL currently handles 31 clients in direct representation and provides resource representation for another 10 clients. CPCPL also contracts some cases to experienced private capital post-conviction litigators.

State post-conviction representation provides the primary opportunity for a court to review newly discovered evidence that has come to light only after the original trial and death sentence have been finally adjudicated. In most cases, the original trial judge presides over the post-conviction proceedings. Since 1999, access to funded capital post-conviction representation has led to the removal of 35 persons from Louisiana’s death row to Angola’s general population, and led to the release of an additional six men completely from incarceration.

Contact information:
Capital Post-Conviction Project of Louisiana
Director: Matilde Carbia
I340 Poydras, Suite 1700
New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
(504) 212-2110 (office)
(504) 212-2130 (fax)

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