Defender Partners

Below is a list of some of our public defender agency-partners:

Bronx Defenders (Bronx, NY)
Over the past decade, The Bronx Defenders has led a movement in indigent defense toward an interdisciplinary, client-centered model of advocacy. Recognizing that people come into the justice system with a host of social, psychological, and economic problems, holistic representation addresses all of the interrelated issues that surround a clientĖs life. Working in interdisciplinary teams, these passionate advocates combine their skills to win not only better dispositions for each clientĖs case, but better outcomes for the clientsĖ lives, breaking the cycle of criminal involvement by addressing the fundamental issues that drove them into the system. And because holistic advocacy is fundamentally client-centered, rather than case-based, the wrap-around services these advocates provide continue long after the criminal case is disposed.

Georgia Public Defender Standards Council
The Georgia Public Defender Standards Council is an independent agency within the executive branch of the state government of Georgia. The mission of the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council is to ensure, independently of political considerations or private interests, that each client whose cause has been entrusted to a circuit public defender receives zealous, adequate, effective, timely, and ethical legal representation, consistent with the guarantees of the Constitution of the State of Georgia, the Constitution of the United States and the mandates of the Georgia Indigent Defense Act of 2003; to provide all such legal services in a cost efficient manner; and to conduct that representation in such a way that the criminal justice system operates effectively to achieve justice.

Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy
The 1972 Legislature, at the request of Governor Wendell Ford, created the Office of Public Defender, now the Department of Public Advocacy (DPA), and gave it the responsibility to represent all persons in Kentucky charged with or convicted of a crime. Each year, DPAĖs criminal specialists handle over 140,000 trial and post trial cases statewide, including DUI cases, involuntary commitment cases, juvenile cases, and demanding, complex and difficult cases involving sex abuse, and cases where death is sought as the penalty. DPA also hosts a Social Worker Program, serving four districts.

Knox County Community Law Office
Utilizing a staff of lawyers, legal clerks, and paralegals, the Community Law Office (CLO) provides representation to indigent citizens charged with all State law offenses:At the trial level, provides direct client representation in the General Sessions, Criminal, and Juvenile Courts; At the Appellate level, provides client representation in the Court of Criminal Appeals and the Tennessee Supreme Court and; Provides assistance in obtaining civil legal services to assist clients with legal issues such as on-the-job injuries, social security claims, immigration issues, or domestic relations issues. The CLO also processes expungement requests for all eligible clients. The CLO's Social Service Component is dedicated to working directly with the client to design a life skills plan of action. This plan offers clients the opportunity to address individual needs and to utilize their skills and talents to generate personal and community value. Rather than dictating a direction for the future, the CLO empowers the client to play an active role in shaping his or her own personal goals.

Miami-Dade Public Defender
Miami-Dade County is the 11th judicial circuit of Florida, the largest and busiest of FloridaĖs 20 judicial circuits. Each circuit has its own elected public defender responsible for representing people who face the loss of their liberty and are determined by the court to be unable to pay for a private attorney. The Public Defender's Office is appointed by judges to represent those clients in criminal, juvenile and mental health matters in Florida's courts. The Miami public defender office employs nearly 185 attorneys and an equal number of support staff, such as investigators, disposition and mitigation specialists, secretaries, and paralegals to handle approximately 100,000 cases assigned to us each year. They recruit locally and nationally with just one goal in mind: Putting together a diverse team of outstanding men and women from all racial and ethnic backgrounds who can do the best job possible on behalf of our clients and the residents and taxpayers of Miami-Dade County.

State of Minnesota Board of Public Defense
Coordinated and funded by the Board of Public Defense, Minnesota Public Defenders represent indigent accused people in each of Minnesota's 87 counties. The state is divided into ten judicial districts; each of these districts has at least one full time Public Defender office. Each district's activities are supervised by a Chief Public Defender who is appointed by the Board. Additionally, state and federal appeals are brought by the lawyers in our appellate office. The mission of the State of Minnesota Board of Public Defense is to provide excellent criminal and juvenile legal defense services to indigent clients through an independent, responsible and efficient public defender system.

Montana Office of the State Public Defender
On July 1, 2006 the Office of the State Public Defender assumed responsibility for statewide Public Defender Services, previously provided by cities and counties. These services are now provided statewide through Regional Offices of the State Public Defender. The mission of the Office of the State Public Defender is to ensure equal access to justice for the State's indigent and to provide appellate representation to indigent clients.

Society of Counsel Representing Accused Persons (Seattle, Washington)
Society of Counsel Representing Accused Persons is a private, non-profit public defense law firm with offices in Seattle and Kent, Washington. It was founded in 1976 and has grown to a staff of over 90 people dedicated to providing quality legal representation to indigent residents of King County. Our staff consists of attorneys, investigators, paralegals, social workers, and clerical and administrative employees. Today Society of Counsel provides representation to over 13,000 clients per year. The agency is divided into the following practice areas: adult felonies; adult misdemeanors; dependencies; family law contempt of court; and juvenile offender. Society of Counsel views its mission as more than just providing quality legal representation to our clients. We believe part of our role is to try to address our clientsĖ broader problems and help them avoid future entanglements with the system.

South Carolina Commission on Indigent Defense
The Commission and the Office of Indigent Defense was established by Act 164, effective July 1, 1993. Effective July 1, 2005, the Office of Appellate Defense became a division within the agency. The Commission on Indigent Defense, through the Office of Indigent Defense and its divisions, and in cooperation and consultation with other state agencies, professional associations and other groups interested in the administration of criminal justice and the improvement and expansion of defender services, establishes and monitors programs and services for the delivery of legal representation to indigent defendants charged with criminal offenses in the courts of the state. The agency also oversees the payment to court appointed attorneys for certain legal services performed on behalf of indigent clients in the Family Courts of the state. The Division of Appellate Defense within the agency handles appeals on behalf of indigent clients and consists of a staff of eight attorneys.

State Appellate Defender Organization (Detroit, MI)
To provide cost-efficient, high-quality, timely, public appellate defense services to indigent criminal defendants in cases assigned by the courts and to provide legal resources and training materials to support private criminal defense practitioners assigned to represent indigent criminal defendants, to enhance the quality and effectiveness of that representation and reduce indigent defense and overall criminal justice costs to State and local governmental units.

Task Force on Indigent Defense (Texas)
The mission of the Task Force on Indigent Defense is to improve the delivery of indigent defense services through fiscal assistance, accountability and professional support to State, local judicial, county, and municipal officials. The purpose of the Task Force is to promote justice and fairness to all indigent persons accused of criminal conduct, including juvenile respondents, as provided by the laws and constitutions of the United States and Texas.

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