2017 Darrow Baldus Defense College

2017 Darrow Baldus Defense College in Iowa City, Iowa from May 22nd-25th.

The College is an annual training program for capital defense attorneys, mitigation specialists, and investigators held at the University of Iowa College of Law.

Built into the 4-day capital defense training is two-day training that changes focus each year. This year, the program is titled “Impact Advocacy” and focuses on the interaction between psychologists and attorneys/mitigation specialists/investigators. Participants will learn how psychologists can help explain to the court the impact of lengthy maximum sentences and/or capital punishment on criminal defendants via the latest neuroscience and behavior research.

More information on the training is available at: http://www.darrowbaldus.com/ or you can e-mail Molly McDonnell at molly-mcdonnell@uiowa.edu

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