Prison Conditions Complaints

The Louisiana Public Defender Board is the state public defender agency. We administer and supervise the delivery of public defense services in Louisiana. Unfortunately, we rarely can address prison conditions complaints. If you would like to make a complaint about prison conditions, we direct you to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Louisiana.

From the ACLU of Louisiana website:

The ACLU of Louisiana believes that all people are entitled to basic rights and decency, including those accused or convicted of committing a crime. The Constitution protects prisoners. People in custody are entitled to basic rights and protections, like anyone else. The ACLU of Louisiana receives more than 80 prison complaints per month, including complaints about beatings from guards, inadequate medical care, squalid living conditions, and being denied access to a lawyer

If you believe your rights in a Louisiana prison have been violated, visit the ACLU of Louisiana website to file a complaint at

The ACLU of Louisiana is a non-profit, non-partisan organization fighting for individual rights and fundamental freedoms as guaranteed by the U.S. and Louisiana Constitutions. The ACLU of Louisiana is the only organization in Louisiana with an attorney dedicated to investigating and litigating prison cases. The ACLU of Louisiana has been involved in six cases in the last year regarding abuse and neglect of prisoners and has investigated a dozen more. They struck a major victory in Acadia Parish, where the facilities were so overcrowded that inmates were sleeping on the floor in toilet water. The plumbing hadnĚt been updated since the 1940Ěs, windows were boarded over, and there was exposed wiring. Inmates went months without seeing natural light or going outside. After suing on grounds that the prison did not meet Constitutional standards, the parish built a new prison. You can read more about their achievements in the area of prison reform at:

Note: Because of a lack of resources, the ACLU of Louisiana is unable to accept telephone or walk-in complaints. The only way to ask them for help is through completing a complaint form on their website.

The ACLU is not a public defender, legal services or legal aid organization, and does not handle cases involving such things as evictions, other tenant-landlord disputes, criminal prosecutions, divorce, child custody, or wills, unless they raise broader constitutional concerns. The ACLU does not choose clients on the basis of membership status or financial consideration, or take political sides.

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