Advocating for Clients

The Louisiana Public Defender Board (LPDB) is committed to supporting defenders to provide high-quality services to all indigent clients. Through training, public education, outreach collaboration with other criminal justice entities, and advocacy for increased resources, LPDB is committed to ensuring that every public defender provides each client access to justice that is timely, competent and accurate.

By creating an adequately resourced public defender system, LPDB will reduce the risk that a disparate justice system sentences an innocent person to prison Ç convicted not because they are guilty, but because they are poor. This is an unacceptable injustice.

However, the representation of guilt and innocence is only one part of an effective lawyer's job. Public defenders are there to ensure accurate sentencing, explore alternatives to incarceration and arrange accompanying services that give their clients the best chance of becoming successful members of their community. Along with zealous advocacy to ensure the protection of civil rights, public defenders should provide individualized attention to every client's case, related issues and fair disposition.

When adequately resourced, public defenders seek enduring solutions to their clients' legal issues. This commitment makes public defenders one of the community's most valuable assets. By providing high quality-defense services, public defenders minimize the likelihood of recidivism and convicting the innocentÇ saving tax dollars, protecting public safety and giving clients the best opportunities to become valuable members of their community.

Public defenders don't represent 'cases'. We represent people. By rebuilding our public defender system on this value, LPDB better serves our clients, the public, and the cause of justice.

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